Mental  Illusions

Ihre Gedanken sind mein Spielplatz!


My name is Wolfgang Kraus and I am Mental Illusions.
In my early years, I began to develop a great interest in magic, but magic seemed not to return it, back then. We lost contact to each other for quite some time...

At my 30th birthday, this changed permanently.
Fascinated by the acts of a magician performing at my birthday party, I decided to begin the study of magic arts. During that time, I fell in love with card magic but not before long I had an accidental blind date with mentalism during a visit in a little theatre, dedicated to magic in the town of Graz. I experienced the skills of Alex Ray who did a great performance including metal bending, precognition and thought reading.
I, still being a little bit skeptical of what I saw but nevertheless inspired by Alex, could not resist the seducing call of mental magic and turned (yet not entirely) away from card magic to be able to spend time with this powerful art.

Only "spending some time" at first, fast turned into an intensive relationship between me and mental magic. I joined a magicians club called "Zauberfreunde Steyr" (Friends of magic, Steyr), where I have been able to catch a deeper look into many different disciplines of magic, each of them more tempting than the other. But nothing could match with mental magic.
This was the time, when I finally decided to stay with her, beginning a wonderful journey through a world full of mysteries.t

Now, nearly 10 years after my first encounter with magic and mentalism I realize, that my study and my intriguing trip will probably and hopefully never end.

Be part of that journey and marvel at my abilities to make you believe in things, that are not what they seem to be. Enjoy the stories I brought back from my mystic trip through a strange world.

Experience MENTAL ILLUSIONS - your mind is my playground!